Join High Level Training’s founder Reggie Stovell for a fun and concentrated training program designed to improve quickness, strength and agility along with basketball fundamentals. Located in the stunning Japan Alps, Reggie’s Hakuba summer camp incorporates a range of outdoor activities to instill in each participant a love of nature and joy of playing in the wild.

Coach: Reggie Stovell

Reggie Stovell graduated from Tufts University and played professional basketball in France and Germany for 3 years. Reggie has worked as a fitness and training instructor at The White House, US Navy, USDA and many other prominent posts in Washington DC. In 2009, Reggie founded High Level Training, a training and fitness company dedicated to helping kids and adults reach their fitness / sports performance goals through rigorous, specific but mostly FUN workouts. Reggie has conducted basketball clinics internationally in Spain, Italy, France, Sweden and Japan.

2018 camp Newsletter

  • Dates : Monday July 15th 2pm – Friday July 19th 2pm
  • Ages : 10 to 17
  • Location : Nomad Hakuba
  • Address : 3020-870 Hokujo Hakubamura Kitaazumi-gun Nagano-ken
  • Tuition Fee : JPY108,000( including lodging, meals, training and outdoor activities)

General Information:

Please read this information carefully before submitting an application.


The fees are based on an all-inclusive charge, which covers medical and accident insurance (excluding any pre-existing conditions), accommodation, linen and towels, meals, and planned activities. Please make the payment by May 31st, 2019.

Transportation to and from Hakuba

Campers are expected to arrive at Nomad Hakuba by 2pm on Monday July 15th. We encourage parents / guardian to accompany campers to Hakuba, however, in case your child travels to and from Hakuba without an adult supervision, please contact the camp organizer. We will organize the pick-up from and drop off at Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal and/or JR Hakuba Station. If your child is coming from Tokyo, he/she can take a highway bus from Shinjuku to Hakuba or an express train from Shinjuku to Hakuba.


Please ensure your child has a suitable level of fitness, which will enable him/her to fully enjoy the physical nature of the training and activities.

How to Apply

Placements are limited. To avoid your child missing out, please read below and submit an application at your earliest convenience.

1. Click on the link below and submit the application.


2. Expect to hear from us promptly.

We will get back to you to confirm your child’s acceptance for the Basketball Camp should he/she be accepted.

3. The place for your child will be secured when the payment of fee is confirmed.

Payment should be made by bank transfer by May 31st.

4. Please read through our Conditions of Acceptance, which outlines our expectations of student conduct during the Basketball Camp and our cancellation policy.

Conditions of Acceptance:

We expect the parents and guardians of campers to read and accept the following conditions.


We expect campers to demonstrate respect for each other, coaches and members of staff so everyone has a positive experience during the camp. The camp organizer reserves the right to send home campers whose behavior affects the training and/or wellbeing of others or themselves. Campers are expected to demonstrate care towards the gymnasium, accommodation facilities and the local community. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited, therefore the possession of any form of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated. Boys and girls are not allowed to visit each other’s rooms at any time. Students may not leave the training and accommodation facilities without permissions of the coach and the camp organizer. Students’ use of mobile phones may be restricted during the day. They will be permitted to use their mobile phones during their free time in the evenings.


A refund will be considered only in the event that the cancellation is communicated in writing no later than June 15th. The full fee minus the bank transfer fee will be refunded in case a written notice of cancellation is received by the camp organizer before June 15th. There will be no refund after June 15th.


Subject to weather and other conditions, we reserve the right to change any activities specified in the current Basketball Camp program.

Spaces are limited. Please enroll today!
For inquiries, please contact