Nomad Floor Map


Bed type room ¥6,500 including tax /per person per night with breakfast
Japanese Futon-type room, Per person per night with breakfast¥6,000 including tax
This is the price when used with the maximum capacity. If you use less than the maximum number of people, the price will change depending on the room size. Please contact us for details.
+1000 yen for GW, Obon and Winter season (December to February).
children’s fare
Elementary school fee: 80% of adult fee Infants under elementary school age 50% of adult fee *Free for infants who cannot use breakfast or bedding
Example: “Room 107 Japanese style quadruple room” is used by 3 adults and 1 elementary school student 6000 yen x 3 4800 yen x 1 Total 22800 yen

Cancellation policy Nomad Hakuba has the following cancellation charges.
Please make a reservation after acknowledging.
・7 to 3 days before 30%
・2 days ago-70% the day before
・100% on the day


Nomad Hakuba offers six different rooms.

Japanese-Style Twin Room

Japanese style room equipped with low beds. Recommended for a couple.

Standard Twin Room

Corner room of the second floor with the best view in the hotel. Recommended for a couple.

Japanese Style Triple Room

Traditional Japanese tatami room.

Standard Quadruple Room

Western-style room with 4 single beds.Suitable for family and group.

Japanese-Style Quadruple Room​

Large Japanese style tatami room.

Japanese-Western Style Quadruple Room

Two beds with traditional Tatami Area. The largest room in Nomad.